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ZUCKELL will respond within 1440 minutes.

Currency haggling varies between Loop(s), Loop(s) & Stem(s)
or Bespoke Composition(s) requirement(s).

? Full legal name is required for licencing requirements.
Full Earth Legal Name
eg. Earth / UK
The LOOP is what you hear. The LOOP & STEMS include the ‘loop’ and all the separate parts, so you can re-engineer. BESPOKE is a composition(s) made specifically for a requirement, e.g. sync
A ‘Non-Exclusive’ Licence allows you to use the BEAT(S) and/or STEM(S) freely. They are also available for someone else to purchase. ‘Publishing’ credits remain with ‘Zuckell Music’. An ‘Exclusive’ Licence allows you to own the BEAT(S) and/or STEMS - they will then be removed and no longer available for purchase. ‘Publishing’ credits remain with ‘Zuckell Music’ unless otherwise agreed.
? The name of the loop(s) from either the ‘Dark’, ‘Medium’ or ‘Light’ cycle.
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